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We offer only the finest, naturally growing, carefully selected and carefully harvested herbs from proven suppliers with a long tradition in their field.

All of our products are in their purest form, with tablets only receiving a minimum amount of binders (see below).

Capsules: Our capsules are 100% vegan, natural, made of cellulose (fibre) and filled with 100% pure herb powder, with no chemical additives or preservatives whatsoever.

Tablets: Our also vegan tablets are 100% made of dried Chlorella and Spirulina Algae biomass.

In their complexity, effects include health improvements through the promotion of physical and mental functions, strengthening the immune system and detoxifying the body.

✅ 100 % vegan

Our products are natural and the capsules into which the herbs reside are 100% vegan.

💚 Eco friendly

All of our packagings are designed with nature in mind. They are made of recycled paper, with no plastic content, and the bags in which they are housed in are made of ♻ compostable material.

So, here’s the deal - compostable material may look and feel like plastic, but it is something else entirely. Please do not dispose of our bags in the same way you’d treat plastic bags. Instead, either use them as compost or discard as organic waste. It is as simple as that! wink

🔺 Full of posivite energy

Each product is placed under a special pyramid-shaped construction, where it is left for energy to recharge.

Never mind if you don't believe in pyramid power, but if you do, we will be putting an article together about the process soon  smile

🌿 Unique herb mixes

We know that some herbs complement each other and so it is good to use them at the same time. But we also know that, for simplicity, and to help in their busy schedule, customers prefer to buy a single product.

That is why we have conveniently created unique mixes, selected according to the unique properties of the herbs that will either complement each other or enhance their effect - or both! They are all blended to a 50/50 ratio.

💯% herb powder

Different techniques can be employed to prepare herbs for consumption. Some, for example, prefer extracting a herbs active ingredient, thinking it enough to get the best out of the herb. However, we are convinced that every herb is perfect when at its purest, natural form. Indeed, there's a reason you won’t hear much about indigenous tribes using extracts, yet popular whole herbs were given names such as "holy plant" or "gift from the gods".


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Fast contact
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