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Our story

Hi, thanks for being here! We appreciate your trust and would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves…

We started as a small family business: two brothers from South Moravia, in the beautiful Czech Republic - in central Europe. Before we started to focus on herbs, for many years we lived and worked around the world. We have been to South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Cyprus, Spain, England, and others while working for an ocean liner. In the end, we returned to our origins and resettled permanently in our homeland.

On our travels, we have personally tried and felt the beneficial effects of herbs from around the globe, and we knew we could help others in their healing process by disseminating information and making only the best of the best available to them.

Our number one priority has always been working with top-quality herbs, and to that end, we manage the whole process ourselves. That goes from supplier selection, import, production, packaging, the final shipping to the customer and customer care.

Nearly all of our herbs are Organic-certified, but we refuse to be part of the “organic business”. We know the quality of our herbs and we do not need an expensive and bureaucratically-demanding BIO certificate.

We also care that all our products are 100% natural, with no chemical additives or preservatives, no extracts, dyes, fillers, starch or other unnecessary or even harmful stuff.

Our capsules are vegan and made of cellulose. Our packaging tubes are plastic-free and our products are housed in a compostable bag.

Admittedly, this eco-path is much more complex and expensive than the widely-adopted plastic route, but we believe that is the right thing to do.

Our genuine and original Exotic Herbs products are only sold at our online shop and nowhere else. We do not mass-produce, and it is very important for us to communicate well with our customers and provide them with as much quality information as possible, as is providing a reliable service.

We believe that you will be happy with our products and care for you.

More recently, and as we start operating in the UK, we have joined forces with our friends and long-time residents Petra Rapantova and Tiago Rocha, who share our passion, values and business ethos to take this mission forward.

Have a nice day!


Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic

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Fast contact
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