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1.1. Damaged goods

Upon receiving a shipment from the carrier, please carefully check the integrity of the shipping container. Do not accept a shipment with signs of damage.

1.2. The delivered goods show other defects

We subject all of our products to a strict quality control process to guarantee the highest standards. However, should you encounter any deviations, please discontinue using the product and get in touch with us by phone or email and we will put things right. 

1.4. Deadline for handling complaints

We will deal with any complaints straight away and make the process as short and straightforward as possible. Complaints will be dealt with and closed within a maximum of 30 days from receipt.  


2.1. 14-day return period

The 14 calendar days return period begins on the day following receipt of the goods by the customer.

2.2. What goods can be returned

Goods can be returned only in the original undamaged product packaging (blister or bag), this is not meant the transport packaging of the product (box, envelope).

2.3. Return procedure (within 14 days)

Your claim will be reviewed immediately and, upon being accepted, we will reimburse you - minus shipping costs - within 30 days. We will let you know where to return the goods to depending on your location.