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Alternative name: Pau d'arco, Taheebo, Inca Tea

Latin name: Tabebuia impetiginosus

Occurrence: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, northern Argentina

The healing properties of the inner bark of the Lapacho tree have been known to the ancient Incas for over 1500 years and were widely used by South American rainforests natives, including the Guarani and Tupi tribes who call this tree "tajy" - to have strength and vigour.

The tree can grow 20 meters tall, producing beautiful rounded pink flowers. The bark contains both N-factors (naphthoquinones) and A-factors (anthraquinones), which not often occur together in nature, which just adds value to its extraordinary health effects.

Interesting fact: Lapacho trees can grow to be 700 years old! Natives even use Lapacho to treat snake bites and cancer.


Immune system


If you often suffer from colds or flu, be sure to keep Lapacho in stock. It helps remove toxins and harmful compounds from the body, assisting the lymphatic system to do its job.
Natives believe Lapacho has anti-tumour effects, and use it to treat various types of cancer.

Lapacho benefits the nervous system and promotes good sleep, so it is advisable to use it preventively as a way to nurture a healthy mental state of mind.

Lapacho-based treatments show beneficial to people fighting

  • anaemia
  • breathing problems
  • cold
  • flu
  • coughs
  • immune system issues
  • arthritis
  • allergies
  • rheumatism
  • infectious diseases
  • viruses, bacteria, fungi
  • migraines
  • diabetes
  • inflammation

Growing Lapacho

Growing Lapacho in European conditions would be more appropriate in the form of a bonsai. Because its medicinal properties are in the bark, though, home cultivation would only serve ornamental purposes.

Lapacho harvesting and use

Lapacho can be enjoyed as a tea, indulgently in a bath, or prepared in a soak warm compress.
To make tea, pour 2 or 3 teaspoons over a litre of cold water, bring to boil, brew for 5 minutes and leave for 15 minutes. Alternatively, take as a supplement!


Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Northern Argentina

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