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Herbs to reduce water retention

Looking for ways to safely eliminate excess water, weight and fluid build-up from the organism? Then you are in the right place.

There are several effective herbs to help you get rid of water and fluid retention. From our range, we can recommend Tribulus and Milk thistle.

Our Tribulus comes from Bulgaria, where it finds ideal conditions for growth. It helps in the treatment of kidneys, urinary tract diseases, improve fat loss, benefits the reproductive system and, of course, helps with water retention.

Milk thistle is harvested in the beautiful Czech Republic countryside, in places well away from pollution sources. Like Tribulus, it significantly contributes to the overall detoxification of the body and, by acting on the liver, helps you get rid of toxins and build up fluids.

The kidneys and liver function as body purifiers, so if you want to eliminate excess water, focus on strengthening the natural processes of both of these organs.


Tribulus Terrestris

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Milk Thistle

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